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Will: [accidently catches Djaq bathing in the river] Oh! Oh I am so sorry! I just came to tell you that Robin says it's time to go! 

Djaq: What is wrong with you?! Have you no decency?!

 Welcome to Honey Birds the only TFL approved fanlisting for the couple Will Scarlett and Djaq from the BBC television time drama Robin Hood . A fanlisting is exactly what it sounds like, a list of fans of a certain subject/people/couples/place, etc. If you would like to join Honey Birds feel free to pop over to the Rules/Join section and sign up! :) Will Scarlett is a  skilled young carpenter from Robin Hood's old home village of Lockesley. He has a younger brother, his mother passed before the series started, and his father was killed by a fatal drug  aquired by the Sheriff , who was using the peasants as guienia pigs. Djaq , who's real name is Saffiyah, is Sacerean, captured, and brought over from the Holy Lands to be used as a slave in the mines near Lockesley. Robin and his gang interrupt the cart holding the Sacerean slaves, and frees them, under the circumstances that they help him shut down the mines, which have been causing wrongful deaths lately. Djaq, feisty as she is, agrees, and has her friends agree. After they close the mines down, Djaq joins Robin Hood's gang.





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