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The Couple


Will and Djaq met when Robin and his gang encountered the cart bringing Djaq and her fellow Saceren captives to a mine near Nottingham, Djaq claiming to be a man. The start of their friendship, in the same episode, is a slightly embarrasing encounter where Will catches Djaq in the river bathing , discovering that she is a woman. Will is flustered, and Djaq yells at him for looking. After the gang and the Sacerens shut down the dangerous mines, Djaq joins Robin's gang, and Will tells everyone that she is a woman, and not a man. Robin doesn't care, and she stays. As Season 1 progresses, Djaq and Will form a friendship , becoming best friends. They are protective of each other. When Djaq gets captured by the Sheriff and kept in the castle, the gang weighs the pros and cons of saving her. Will accidently lets it slip that he is in love with Djaq, making him the first of the two to have more-than-platonic feelings for the other.

In Season 2 , it appears that their frienship has grown stronger. They are even more protective of each other, and fight side by side beautifully. When Will's father is killed by the Sheriff, their friendship goes through a small problem when Will locks Djaq in a closet in the Nottingham Castle to stop her from stopping him from getting revenge. At the end of the episode, they are friends again, and she comforts him over the loss of his father. When Robin reveals that Allan has been informing on them to Guy, both Will and Djaq are shocked and greatly hurt by their friend's betrayal of the gang. They depend on each other to get through this event, and , if it was possible, become even closer.

Throughout the rest of the second season, they are almost inseperable, doing everything together. They make the weapons for the gang, and go into the woods to gather supplies for the camp. Much suspects them of doing a little more then gathering supplies in the woods in episode 'Larder's Ring', and it is partially true, although neither Djaq nor Will get it. In the season two finale , the gang gets trapped in a barn, surrounded by the Sheriff's men. As the gang, thinking they are not getting out of this, confess some pent up thoughts and emotions to everyone else, Djaq confesses to being in love with Will, and he returns the feelings. While in the Holy Lands, Djaq brings the gang to Bassam's Aviary to rest. Djaq tells Will that she cannot leave Bassam to run the Aviary alone, and he tells her he understands. At the end of the episode, Will and Djaq stay behind at Bassam's Aviary in the Holy Lands, and it is said that they plan to marry.







Name: Djaq/Saffiyah

Age : 20-21 so far in series

Family: Father (deceased) Mother (deceased), Djaq ( brother, deceased. Killed in battle)

Birth Country: The Acre, Holy Lands ( Acre, Present Day Jerusalam)

Associations: Allah's Army, Robin Hood's Men, Bassam's Aviary

Djaq's story is a sad one. Her parents were killed during the Crusades, and she an her twin brother were left under the care of a family friend, Bassam, whom they considered to be like their uncle. Once he was old enough, Saffiyah's brother, Djaq went to fight in the war. Saffiyah, stayed at the Aviary, although she was restless. When her brother was killed during battle, Saffiyah felt like her entire world had crashed before her. She and Bassam buried her brother's body at the Aviary, and told no one. Djaq, angry at the English for killing her brother, cut her hair, took his clothes, his name, and ran away to fight in the army. She faught to avenge her brother's death. While fighting, Djaq was captured by the English, and shipped to England. There, she and her fellow captives were sold off as slaves to a mine near Nottingham.

When Robin and his gang are trying to shut down the mine after seeing the horrible conditions the people who work there face, they encounter the cart bringing the Saracen slaves . The entire gang is wary around the Saracens, thinking they have a mythical disease called Turk Flu (hence the name of the episode). Djaq disguises her voice to sound more masculine, and talks to Robin as a sort of representitive to her people. She is feisty, that is very clear, and stubborn. Robin has to promise to let her and her friends go after helping him and his gang shut down the mines. She reluctantly agrees and they put a plan in motion. The Saracen's are going to be brought to the mines, as planned, with Allan disguised as another captive. They will all addle with the guards' already highly superstitious minds, and make them believe Allan has Turk Flu and it's contagious. While preparing for the mission, Djaq goes to bath in the river near the gang's old hideout, and Will, intending to tell her it was time to go, accidently catches her naked, and finds out that she is indeed, a woman. He blushes perfusely, and stutters an apology while Djaq yells at him for catching her.

After they complete their mission, and succesfully burn and close the mines down, Djaq and her friends are released, and the gang goes back to their hideout. Much , who hasn't eaten in a couple of days, starts to prepare a meal. First he says a few things to God, saying that if he isn't supposed to eat, he asks God to give him a sign. All of a sudden, the bundle of sticks he has in front of him catches on fire. Much cries in aggrivation. Robin looks up and sees Djaq crouching down on a ridge, holding a rounded, smooth glass , pointed toward's Much's fire, and laughing. She jumps from the ridge and asks Robin if she can join his gang. He begins to wonder if it's a good idea and says 'Him' , Will, right away corrects him and says 'Her' . Everyone looks at Will and then Djaq. Robin shrugs and says he has no problem with a woman joining the group.

In the episode 'A Thing or Two About Loyalty' , Djaq is captured by the Sheriff, after he finds out about her background with making bombs out of different minerals and herbs. He locks her in a room in the castle, and the gang, obviously, is devistated. Marian tells them where Djaq is, and the gang thinks up a plan to get her out. As they realize the only plan they have to get her out is extremeley dangerous, they do the unthinkable. They , reluctantly, weigh the pros and cons of saving her, and whether or not she is worth saving. Robin says she has become a good friend, and the gang needs a physician with all the injuries they aquire. Without thinking, Will accidently lets it out that he's in love with her, and Allan says he might 'like' her. Both men blush perfusely. Ultimately they decide she's worth the risk. They set the plan in motion. They capture Guy's friend, a man who specializes in black powder, and tell Guy and the Sheriff that they want an exchange. Djaq for the Black Powder specialist. They get Djaq back, but the Sheriff has Guy's friend murdered. Near the end of the episode, Robin and his gang blow up the only black powder the guy made, fufilling the creator's wishes that it would never be used to harm people. They have his notes on how to create the powder, and Djaq says she'll burn it. While they are sitting around the fire, she fakes throwing it in, and Robin sees her, knowing it isn't really gone, he worries.

In Season 2, Djaq and Will appear to be growing closer, and are almost glued to the hip.Djaq goes undercover at a gambling convention with Marian. She is forced to wear a dress to fit in with the other ladies, and it is clear that she is uncomfortable. When she lets the gang in through a secret door, Will pauses and looks at her in the dress, his face a bit dissaproving. This upsets Djaq, and she is grumpy towards him during the mission. Djaq becomes distraught when she learns that Will has infiltrated the Nottingham Castle to try and kill the Sheriff, who killed his father. When the gang goes to get Will out before he does something drastic, Djaq is the first to find him. She pleads with him to not do what he was thinking, he apologizes, which confuses her. He then locks her in a closet and runs off to complete his mission. After Robin gets Will to make things right and save the Sheriff's life, Djaq sees how distraught Will is. She comforts him before he goes into the forest to be alone.

Djaq is shocked, and deeply hurt when Robin reveals to the gang that Allan had been spying on them for Guy of Gisborne. She couldn't believe that her friend would betray them like that, and becomes distant. Will also is distraught. Together they help each other get over the hurt of losing a mutual best friend , after Robin orders Allan to leave the camp and the gang permenatly.

The gang gets trapped by the Sheriff's men in a barn in the two part S2 finale. Everyone, deciding that their time has come, and that there was no way they could survive this battle, start confessing things, feelings, thoughts, that they have been keeping from everyone. After a couple fo confessions, Djaq begins to admit that she has different feelings for someone in the gang , then the others. She speaks of knowing how a carrier birds feels , flying a thousand miles to be with it's mate, the one it loves. She finally admits that she is in love with Will, and that she feels foolish for only admitting it now , at the end of everything. Will recouperates the feelings. As they get ready to make a stand, Djaq kisses Will, believing that it is the only chance she'll get to do so.

The gang miraculously survives the battle, with help from a new found Allan. They leave for the Holy Lands to stop the Sheriff and Guy's attempt to murder King Richard. The Sheriff plants a seed of deciet in Richard's mind before the gang gets there, and when he sees Djaq walking through the camp with Will, he believes that Robin's gang is there to kill him. He ties them to poles in the middle of the desert and leaves them to die. After Marian tries, but fails, to free them, getting tied up herself, Carter comes and rescues them. Djaq takes the gang to her old home in Acre, Bassam's Aviary. She is overwhelmed with memories while she is there and showing Will around. She tells him, sadly, that she cannot just leave Bassam, or the birds, and go back to England. Will tells her that he understands. Later on in the episode, Marian gets stabbed by Guy after telling him that she loves Robin. Carter has been killed. Djaq rushes to her side, as Robin cradles her. She examines Marian's wound and looks sadly at Robin. Will looks on at the scene sadly. After Marian and Robin finish their wedding vows and are married, Marian pulls the sword out and dies. They bury Marian and Carter under some palm trees. Djaq and Will look on, Djaq with her arms around Will's right arm, deeply saddened by Marian's death.

At the end of the episode, you find out that both Djaq and Will decide to stay in Acre, at Bassam's Aviary. They give Robin the mate of one of the birds so that they can correspond, and tell him they will always be loyal to him and the gang, even if they are thousands of miles away. It is said that Will and Djaq plan to be married.



Name: Will Scarlett

Age : 19-21 in the series so far

Birth Country: England

Associations: Locksley Village, Scarlett Family Woodworks, Robin Hood's Men, Bassam's Aviary

Family : Dan Scarlett (father, deceased) Jane Scarlett (Mother, deceased), Luke Scarlett (brother, active)

Will Scarlett is the son of Jane and Dan Scarlett. He is a skilled carpenter, having been taught the trade by his father. He is a shy person, not easily angered, and always kind. His mother passed away two years before the series started of starvation. When the series starts, his father, brother, and himself are still living in the village of Locksley, and are happy to see their Lord ( Robin) come home from the Holy Lands. They tell Robin about what Guy of Gisborne and the new Sheriff have done to the surrounding areas, and he (Robin) tells them he'll try to make things right again. Will and Luke get taken by the Sheriff's men to be hung for stealing flour from the markets. Robin saves their lives and Will agrees to help Robin get Locksley back from the unfair rule of the Sheriff and Guy .

Will proves himself to be very useful to Robin's gang. He makes all the weapons for them (before Djaq comes along), and creates little badges on string with a special symbol on them, which are given to those who are loyal to Robin and his new attempt to get England back for the people. He has a wry sense of humor, and wit, but also is as mature as any of the other older members of the gang. He is a very passionate person, and a strong fighter. Him and Allan-A-Dale become best friends, and fight well side by side in Season 1. In the episode, 'Turk Flu', Will is the one who is basically 'put in charge' of associating with the Saracens. He accidently catches Djaq bathing in the river, finding out that she is a she and not a he, like she has told everyone else. Will becomes good friends with Djaq as well, and accidently lets it slip in the episode 'A Thing or Two About Loyalty' that he is in love with Djaq, after she gets kidnapped by the Sherrif, and the gang is weighing the risks of saving her.

In the season 2 episode 'Angel Of Death' , Will's father, Dan, starts to tell everyone in Nottingham, about the truth , concerning a new drug the Sheriff is giving to the people. He is killed for spreading the truth, leaving his sons heartbroken. Will, in a fit of rage over the loss of his father, infiltrates the castle and plans to kill the Sheriff for killing his father. Robin is the first to realize what he is doing, and he and the gang plan to get Will out of the castle before he does something he might regret. They break into the castle, splitting up to find Will, who has already slipped the arsnic into one of the Sherrif's drinks, which he has drunk. Djaq finds him first, begging him to not do what he is thinking about doing. Will, blinded by grief and rage over his father's wrongful killing, apologizes to Djaq, and locks her in a storage room. Eventually , Robin and Much find him, after he has done his deed. Robin tells him they have a cure, and tells him he has to give it to the Sheriff before he dies. When Will doesn't believe tey have the cure, and refuses to help, Robin 'drinks ' the 'arsnic' (we find out it was a trick, and he only drank some water) himself, saying that now he was going to die, and Will had to save them all. Will rushes off with the cure to save the Sheriff. He later carves a memorial monument to his father in a stump of wood in the forest. When the light from the dusking sun hits it, a picture of Dan's face is reflected on a large boulder behind the tree. Will then suffers another blow, when Robin reveals to the gang that Allan was a spy for Guy. He and Djaq grow even closer, hurt by the betrayal of a mutual best friend.

In the episode 'A Good Day To Die' Will and Djaq confess their feelings to eachother in a barn, while awaiting what they thought was their impending doom, as the Sheriff's men had the gang trapped in the barn. When the gang goes in pursuit of Guy, the Sheriff, and Allan to the Holy Lands, Will gets to see the house Djaq grew up in. When Djaq tells him she can't leave the Aviary after beingg back, and bombarded with memories, he tells her he understands. At the end of the finale, Will and Djaq decide to stay in the Holy Lands, Djaq not wanting to leave Bassam (her uncle) and the Aviary, and Will not wanting to leave her.